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Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Friars Bay Long Sea Outfall Pipeworks Phase 3

Mariners are advised that phase 3 of the pipeline works and trench backfilling activities will commence around the 18th July 2011 and will continue for approximately 3 months. These works are being carried out by Land & Marine/Westminster Dredging Co. Joint Venture on behalf of 4D and Southern Water.

The works area is approximately 3 miles west of Newhaven Harbour and is marked by IALA system cardinal buoys supplemented by markerbuoys where required.

All vessels not involved in the works are requested NOT TO ENTER the area unless specifically cleared to do so.

The vessels working in the area include:-

Crane Barge “LM Constructor” Tel: 07879 881100

Attendant Tug “Voe Chief” Tel: 07771 778859

Crew Tender “Coastal Pioneer” Tel: 07941 648821

2 x Rock Barges

All vessels must keep clear of the works vessels which will exhibit signals as per International Regulations. A listening watch will be maintained on VHF channels 12 and 16 by the attendant tug, “Voe Chief”.

The works activities will be 24 hours, 7 days a week. All vessels are to keep a careful lookout and avoid passing into the buoyed area. Mariners requiring further information can contact Newhaven Port Control, Callsign “Newhaven- Radio” on VHF channel 12 or telephone 01273 612926.

D C Collins-Williams

Capt. Dave Collins-Williams

Harbour Master

Newhaven Port Issued: 11th July 2011


Monday, July 4th, 2011

Dredging Campaign – July 2011 – Newhaven Harbour

Notice is hereby given that Maintenance Dredging Operations will commence on Saturday 9th July 2011. Dredging of the Outer and Inner Harbour is expected to continue for a period of three days.

The dredging campaign will be carried out by the Trailing Suction Dredger “Sospan Dau”, which will exhibit lights and shapes in accordance with the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.

Masters and others in charge of craft are warned to navigate with caution and pay strict attention to instructions issued to them by Newhaven Port Control. Call sign “Newhaven Radio” – VHF Channel 12. Tel. 01273 612926.

D C Collins-Williams

Capt.Dave Collins-Williams

Harbour Master

Newhaven Port
Issued: 4th July 2011