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Friday, January 28th, 2011

Notice of Works at West Quay – Newhaven Harbour – Feb to April 2011

Notice is hereby given that works to demolish the existing Fishing Stage No.7, West Quay, Newhaven, and then the installation of a new structure will commence on 7th February 2011 and continue for a period of up to 12 weeks.

The approximate position of the works is 50 47.35N, 0 03.20E.

The contactors carrying out these works are WPH Marine Construction and the operation will involve the use of the crane barge “Doubler” (27m x 14.5m) and several associated workboats and safety boats. The crane barge will be moored alongside the fishing stage for the majority of the works and will exhibit lights at night to indicate her presence. Mariners are advised to navigate with caution and at slow speed whilst transiting the area.

There will be times when the barge will navigate across the river to both East Quay and No.2 RoRo Berth with the assistance of tugs/workboats, to load or discharge materials and to clear the channel for the passage of large vessels to/from North Quay. At these times Mariners must navigate with caution and monitor VHF Channel 12 for information and instruction from Newhaven Port Control and the Safety Vessel.

Masters and others in charge of craft are warned to navigate with caution and pay strict attention to instructions issued to them by the Harbour Master or Newhaven Port Control.

Callsign “Newhaven- Radio” on VHF channel 12 or telephone 01273 612926.

D C Collins-Williams
Capt. Dave Collins-Williams
Harbour Master

Newhaven Port Issued: 28th January 2011


Friday, January 7th, 2011

Notice To Mariners in force as of 1st January 2011:

No.9, 2008 Positioning of Wave Rider Buoy, Seaford Bay.
No.5, 2009 Vessel Traffic Signals, Newhaven harbour.
No.6, 2009 Mooring/Berthing of Vessels at Newhaven.
No.9, 2009 Bunkering Operations.
No.3, 2010 Warning Notice to Fishermen.
No.11, 2010 Speed Limits within Newhaven Harbour.
No.18, 2010 Positioning of Semi-Submersible Pipe in Western Bight.
No.19, 2010 Laying up of Jack-Up Rigs within Western Bight.
No.21, 2010 Friars Bay Long Sea Outfall Pipeworks.
No.24, 2010 Notice of Works at North Quay.

Mariners requiring copies of the above can contact Newhaven Port Control or, alternatively, they can be downloaded from our website:

Those who still receive these Notices by post and who have access to email, could you please notify Port Control of your email address so that you can be added to the list.

Mariners encountering any problems or requiring further information should contact Newhaven Radio on VHF channel 12 or telephone 01273 612926.

D C Collins-Williams

Capt.Dave Collins-Williams

Harbour Master
Newhaven Port

Issued: 7th January 2011