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Avosec are the representatives of Alwil Software and act as their UK & Indian Distributor. Avosec and its website and personnel work closely with Alwil software who are the manufactures of avast! products.

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Newhaven Coastguard

Newhaven coastguard team are based in the once busy commercial port of Newhaven, and “guard” the coastal strip from the mouth of the River Cuckmere, westwards to Black Rock at Brighton.


Newhaven National Coast Watch

The National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) is a voluntary organisation set up in 1994 to restore a visual watch along UK shores after many small Coastguard stations closed down due to Government cuts.



Meeching was the old name for Newhaven before a great storm in the 16th. century diverted the course of the Sussex Ouse so forming a NewHaven. This website has information on present day Newhaven, and on its history, and includes a selection of interesting old photographs.

Newhaven Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is one of the most successful "local" chambers in the country and aside from providing a valuable opportunity for local business to "do business", the Chamber has been involved with much of the regeneration work that has taken place in the town over recent years. Members come from all parts of the business community - manufacturing, service providers, retail and the leisure sector - ensuring that meetings are lively, interesting and varied.


Newhaven Today

The website of the Sussex Express, Newhaven's local newspaper.


Lewes District Council

Links to all local Government information.


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